Evermeadow Land Management Consulting is a new branch of our overall vision for restorative land management in Northumberland County.

Combining decades of study of natural ecological systems with extensive practical experience in the resource management, agricultural, and conservation sectors, we are well equipped to help property owners to turn their ecological land management dreams into reality. 

Our services include:

  • Detailed land management packages including:
    • Richly detailed mapping of hydrology, landforms, land use history etc.
    • Aerial (drone) and on-the-ground surveying of plant and animal communities, soil health, invasive species, etc.
    • Contextual analysis: working with landowners to understand the best use-case scenarios for their properties
    • Navigating bureaucracy: help with applying for grants and other government incentives 
  • Land management work:
    • invasive species mitigation
    • tree planting
    • service grazing
    • land-lease connections to local sustainable farmers

Check out a sample of our work here and contact us for a free initial on-site consultation.