A whole eco-system approach

Evermeadow Farm is our first step towards actualizing our long-term vision of ecologically restorative land management.  In the future, we hope to spin-off beyond agriculture into land management more generally, including afforestation, native prairie restoration, and watershed rehabilitation. For now, we are focused on bridging agricultural viability and landscape-level ecological restoration, with Evermeadow Farm as proof-of-concept.

We work with animals that contribute to our ecological vision by exercising their innate instincts in appropriate ecosystem contexts, while also providing ethical and nutritious food for our community. Our hens scratch up compacted soil and spread seed and fertile manure; our sheep manage the grass, distribute nutrients, and build soil; our pigs recycle waste nutrients and disturb the soil to prepare for re-seeding pastures; and our broiler chickens bring fertility into the farm as they move daily across the landscape.

Our long term vision is to restore the biodiverse and productive savannah and woodland landscapes that once characterized this part of central Northumberland County. We believe that economically viable agriculture is not only compatible with widespread ecological restoration but may actually be essential to it. In the future we will update this page with more information about our operations.