Evermeadow is a new regenerative, pasture-based farm in the rolling hills of Northumberland County.

Our agricultural operations provide nutritious, ethical, and ecologically beneficial food for our communities while increasing the biodiversity and productivity of the land we manage.

We are offering our first farm tour this Saturday October 1st!

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Farm Tour Date: October 1st, 2022

Time: 10am-12pm (~2 hours)

Fee: $10 per person over 10 years old, to a maximum of $100 per group/family.


Can good food heal the land?

Since 2020, Evermeadow Farm has been answering this question in the affirmative using time-honoured and innovative land management practices that produce premium quality nourishment for the community and positive ecological outcomes on the land. Our concept of regenerative agriculture is the marriage of ecological conservation and agricultural production, and our grassland focussed farming practices are not only sustainable, they actually contribute to increasing bio-diversity, fertility, carbon-sequestration, and soil health.

Now you can see the results of our endeavours in person!

You are invited to a lively, informative on-farm guided tour on Saturday October 1st. With a 1.5-2 hour walking tour through all of our farm operations, farm owner Josh Noiseux will reveal to participants just how bringing life back to the land simultaneously produces delicious, nutritious, and ethical food AND kick-starts the process of ecological restoration.  

Be prepared with good boots or shoes (no mud on the tour but there may be wet grass) and appropriate attire for all weather. The tour fee is $10 per person over 10 years old – all proceeds will go towards helping us advance our mission of ecological land management here in Northumberland!

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