Pastured raised chicken

Pasture raised, organically fed broiler and roaster whole and half chickens at $5.50 /lb. Either on-demand or through our CSA subscription program.

Free-range eggs

Eggs from our pasture roaming free-range laying hens at $5 per dozen. We sell cartons on demand as well as weekly and biweekly egg CSA subscriptions.


We are starting our breeding flock of Katahdin sheep this year. Starting in 2021 we will offer 100% grass-fed lamb from our pastures.

Our mission

Our mission is to steward the land by running an ecologically regenerative farm that:

  • Provides nutritious, ethical, and ecologically sane food for our local community.
  • Increases the biodiversity and productivity of the land we manage.
  • Helps others by modelling and developing land based ethical/ecological lifeways as alternatives to extractive and unsustainable production and consumption patterns.

Contact us to get involved!

As we blast off on our farming journey we are looking for all the help we can get. Contact us if you have services, skills, ideas, time, muscle power etc. We want to trade/barter/swap/gift as much as we can to benefit our community while learning from and working with the amazingly resourceful and skillful people that make up Northumberland County.