Our Products

We are presently sold out of all our products from this past growing season.
Thanks to our wonderful customers for making 2020 a great first year!

In May 2021 we will offer:

  • Organically fed, pastured broiler and roaster chicken. Our first batch of whole and half chickens will be available on June 10th.

    Photo: Chef Matthew Ness.

  • Organically fed, pastured, free range eggs. We sell most of our eggs by pre-paid subscriptions. We’ll be opening up to new egg subscribers in late May. Spots are going fast, so be sure to hop on our waiting list.

  • Pastured, naturally raised (confinement free) pork, starting in April.

In the late autumn of 2021 we will offer:

In the 2021 season our products will be available for purchase: