We are hiring!

Position: Farm marketing and field assistant
Farm: Evermeadow Farm

Location: Cobourg, Ontario
Housing: Room and board may be part of the remuneration package depending on whether you are local and can commute.

About Evermeadow Farm:

Evermeadow is a new regenerative, pasture-based farm in the rolling hills of Northumberland County.

Our mission is to operate an ecologically regenerative farm that:

  1. Provides nutritious, ethical, and ecologically sane food for our local community;
  2. Increases the biodiversity and productivity of the land we manage;
  3. Fosters land-based lifeways as alternatives to extractive and unsustainable production and consumption patterns.

We work with animals that contribute to our ecological vision by exercising their innate instincts, while also providing ethical and nutritious food for our community. Our hens scratch up compacted soil and spread seed and fertile manure; our sheep manage the grass, distribute nutrients, and build soil; our pigs recycle waste nutrients and disturb the soil to prepare for re-seeding pastures; and our broiler chickens bring fertility into the farm as they move daily across the landscape. Please see our social media accounts @evermeadowfarm for more pictures of life at Evermeadow.

About the job / scope of work:

The role will involve a rich variety of activities encompassing the full range of regenerative agriculture, from design and planning, through production, to sales and distribution. Depending on the strengths of the applicant, the position will likely be weighted more to one side than the other.  The ideal candidate is equally confident with the impact driver and the Instagram account.  Realistically, this may not be possible, and we will work to bolster your weaker areas while running with your strengths. The work week will be Tuesday to Saturday, 40 hours total. 


About half the job will be marketing and logistics in various forms: management of our social media accounts, attending markets and engaging with the public as a representative of Evermeadow, maintaining communications with customers and keeping sales and inventory records, helping to pack and deliver orders, and, most importantly, helping to weave and broadcast a compelling narrative that connects our mission and purpose with customers and the community throughout the season.

Field Work:

The other half will be helping with field operations: feeding and managing animals, building and moving fences, hauling feed and water, maintaining and building infrastructure, record keeping, and loading animals destined for processing.

About you:

  • At least 1 season working on a farm with livestock would be ideal, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Some experience and skill with basic carpentry is strongly preferred. Let us know what you have been involved in building.
  • Excellent writing, editing, proofreading skills are a must for the marketing side of the job. Show us a sample of your writing.
  • Proficiency in software: Photoshop, Canva or similar, Microsoft Excel, Google Earth or GIS.
  • Social media knowledge and experience – someone who understands social media dynamics and how to interpret metrics. Accounts you already manage?
  • Comfortable driving vehicles up to 1-ton trucks, ideally comfortable driving with trailers. (Valid driver’s license).
  • Posses some fundamental knowledge and understanding of food economy and food security/justice issues.
  • Ecologically literate – knowledge of the roles different organisms play within ecosystems.
  • Familiar with some of the conversations in the regenerative agriculture space and/or willing to pursue further learning and reading of agricultural literature.
  • Excited to learn to work with all aspects of livestock: manure and other fluids, birthing, death, sickness, aggressive animals etc.
  • People person: this is a public facing role and the successful candidate will enjoy engaging with clients and be adept at navigating complex social situations.
  • Knowledge and profiency in chainsaw operation an asset. 
  • A strong desire to effect positive change and resilience through the nitty gritty hard work of integrating food production and ecological restoration.


TBD. Based on experience. Starting salary equivalent to $15/hr.  Room and board will be part of the remuneration package for live in employee.  If you are local we will modify accordingly. 

Perks include daily lunches with the team and vegetables from our garden. 


April 12th to November 1st, with a possible extension to early December. Flexible based on applicant availability.

To apply:

Please contact us for a more in depth job description. Send us a letter to let us know how you think you would fit in at Evermeadow.  Also attach a CV with work and other related experience and at least 2 references to: info@evermeadow.ca by January 25th, 2021. Only applicants chosen for a phone/video interview will be contacted.

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