Pastured chicken available NOW!

We are stocked up and ready to supply you with our premium, pastured, organically fed chicken!

Order now!

Here is our product list at the moment. We have plenty of everything.

2 Replies to “Pastured chicken available NOW!”

  1. Hi Josh and Janita,
    i got some chicken from you before i’m pretty sure, when you were delivering in Peterborough, right? anyway, i would like:
    2 – 7 lbs. chickens at $29 each
    2 – 1 lb. bags of chicken thighs at $8 each bag.
    I think that adds up to $76, right?
    my question: if you’re not delivering to Peterborough, where is the address for pick up in Bowmanville? it’s the only location not given a link to address. My son-in-law works in Bowmanville and commutes every day. he could pick up the order. Please advise. thanks!

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for reaching out. Brownsville pickup time is tomorrow between 5:30 and 6:45pm at the Garnet Rickard Arena in the west parking lot.

      If that works, let me know by replying to this email. If not, we can arrange a delivery to Peterborough sometime in the next week.

      Many thanks! Your order totals $74. And the thighs available right now are in 2lb packages, so only one package, not two. As long as that’s ok with you.



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